Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Comprehensive Commercial Kitchen Flooring Solutions

Commercial kitchen flooring is generally subjected to some of the harshest tasks and conditions. Right from high temperatures to thermal shocks, these floors are exposed to everything, including corrosive chemicals. Consistent exposure to grease, hot oil, moisture and frequent washing make the floors of commercial kitchens highly vulnerable to cracks and degradation. Therefore, at Watertight Epoxy Floor Solutions, we provide comprehensive commercial kitchen flooring solution that precisely caters to all the needs of commercial kitchens.

Besides, at the end of the day, as your exhausted back-office staff return back, they would certainly appreciate low-maintenance kitchen floor, which is easy to clean. Quickly sanitizable kitchen flooring not only makes a noticeable difference, but also enhances staff morale and efficiency, thereby reducing the labour costs. We totally understand that commercial kitchens are one of the hard-hitting environments, which must adhere to certain quality standards. Therefore, we provide bespoke services of commercial kitchen flooring aimed to serve various businesses with their commercial flooring needs.

Helping You Build an Efficient Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Being a top provider of commercial kitchen flooring solutions in Melbourne, we leave no stone unturned to serve you better. Our professionals will thoroughly understand your needs and then go about providing a suitable commercial flooring solution. We follow high standards of regional and local regulations and health codes to ensure that your commercial kitchen flooring will meet the Australian standards.

Being easy to clean, our flooring solutions simplify your hygiene maintenance. We create commercial kitchen floor finishes that meet all the functional needs of your kitchen. Providing commercial kitchen flooring solutions for over a decade now, we have a prestigious clientele who are happy with our services. Our commercial vinyl flooring solutions are highly recommended for different types of commercial applications.

Modern Solution with Minimal Manual Intervention

With the technological advancements made towards providing improved commercial flooring solutions, we now offer attractive and modern solutions for your commercial kitchen space with minimal manual intervention. Besides, the commercial flooring’s manufacturing process has significantly evolved, which allows you to go for unique designs and patterns, without compromising on the quality or the functionality. Apart from epoxy floors, we also provide industrial concrete as well as primesafe.

Robust Flooring Solutions that are Easy to Install

We provide epoxy, polyurethane as well as polished concrete flooring solutions. These are preferred over the regular ceramic tiles as these materials do not crack under high pressure. With these flooring solutions, you can easily move around and place heavy materials. They also impart less pressure on staff who continue to stand and work for long hours. Besides, they can be easily installed and consume less time to be installed, when compared to ceramic tiles.

Polyurethane commercial flooring makes a seamless flooring solution, which is designed to stay smooth and sturdy and also last longer, without any grout lines. This prevents the accumulation of dirt and harmful bacteria. We also optimize your flooring with slip-resistant features, without making it difficult to clean or maintain.

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