Commercial Flooring

Comprehensive Commercial Flooring Solutions

Whether you are trying to impart a brand new look to your old commercial flooring or would want fresh new durable tiles for your commercial space, you have come to the right place. At Watertight Epoxy Floor Solutions, we provide superior services of commercial flooring in Melbourne at reasonable rates. Epoxy flooring is a great way to make your shop floor, residential garage or warehouse to look its very best.

Apart from providing an impressive finish, epoxy flooring will last for several years. They can either be applied to new surfaces or to your existing concrete floors. Being in the industry for over a decade now, we have the expertise as well as the experience to serve you better. Our polished concrete industrial flooring, commercial kitchen flooring and industrial flooring are designed to withstand the test of time, without compromising on the aesthetics.


How can You Benefit from Epoxy Flooring?

The epoxy effect is a comprehensive outcome that enhances the appeal of your place while safeguarding your flooring. By choosing epoxy flooring, you will enjoy the following paybacks:

  • Epoxy floor coating provides a plastic-like glossy yet durable finish, which protects your concrete flooring
  • Available in a variety of styles and colors, you can pick the one that precisely caters to your needs
  • The epoxy floor coating materials are stronger than the concrete and can be quickly installed depending on the area to be coated
  • High-gloss showroom look as well as simple flooring options are available
  • Epoxy coated floors can be easily cleaned, as they do not let dust adhere to them
  • Finally, they can be used anywhere, as they impart a perfect finish

By beautifying your space and making it highly durable, commercial epoxy floor coating will also increase the value of your space.


Industrious Team of Commercial Flooring Experts

Aimed to provide superior commercial flooring services, we have adapted some of the clean, safe and extensive preparation techniques of commercial flooring to serve you better. We take pride in following procedures that deliver outcome of high industry standards. All our staff are highly experienced and well trained. Besides, we believe in constantly upgrading our techniques and the quality of our service. Therefore, all our professionals are regularly kept updated with the new developments, techniques, trends and procedures in the industry. This makes us one of the preferred contractors by all the major suppliers in the market.

Established in the year 2003, at Water Tight Epoxy Floor Solutions, we have come a long way. Although we witnessed a steady growth in our early days, we have now emerged as a full-fledged, 24/7 reliable Australia wide business. We now serve an extensive range of clients across various states and territories. We are committed to provide environment-friendly commercial flooring solutions, which are applicable across a variety of commercial flooring’s, such as commercial kitchens.


Bespoke Commercial Kitchen Flooring

We understand that the flooring needs of every type of commercial kitchen differs. Therefore, we provide bespoke services of commercial kitchen flooring services. This includes a functional combination of anti-slip, impact-resistant as well as non-porous. These features ensure that your commercial kitchen stays clean, safe and shines year after year. Preferred by top hotels and busiest of the kitchens in Melbourne, our services guarantee superior craftsmanship and consistent performance.


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