About Us

Give your old floor a bright and shiny makeover

Watertight Epoxy Floor Solutions was established in 2003 by the current managing director Matthew Petersen. At the earlier stages of our establishment we had seen a steady rise in the business; while we have emerged from a small “local only “contractor to a 24/7 Australia wide reliable business, servicing an extensive range of clients across various states and territories including:

  • domestic housing and storage
  • large supermarket chains and liquor
  • fish processing, meat industry
  • Restaurants
  • car manufacturing
  • retail and large warehousing

Industrious team of experts for top quality commercial flooring

We have lived with the principle that preparation is the key to success and we pride ourselves in adapting to clean, safe and extensive preparation techniques of commercial flooring, in our operations. Being highly professional at what we do, the methods and procedures we follow, are known to deliver an outcome that is of high standards in the industry.

We are an industrial flooring company specializing in concrete polishing, epoxy floors, epoxy coating, polyurethane and vinyl chip polymer floor coatings, servicing all sectors including:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Domestic

All our staff have are highly experienced in the tasks they perform and services they deliver. We always believe that there is no end to mastering perfection which is why we ensure that our staff is constantly being trained on the upgraded techniques and latest products and trends in the industry.

We are a preferred contractor for all the major suppliers in the industry, which means we can give you an unbiased solution to any of your flooring problem. We are a small company with a capability to deliver bigger results, ensuring every service has a personal touch, which is much needed in the business world today.